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When people are over-stressed, and overworked, the quality of life suffers. They often turn to hobbies to help ease the day in, day out burdens they face and add some semblance of joy back into their worlds. This answer to common work stress can cause its own kind of hardship.

Hobbies cost time and money. So a cycle of work to spend on hobby, do joyful hobby to escape stressful work ensues. The stresses of the average workday (commuting long hours, working for someone who does not appreciate what you do for them, working hours when your family needs you or all of your other friends are on vacation) become worse when financial guilt about the cost of supplies, to scrapbook for example, are added.

If only there were a way to make money from this creative process that you already enjoy and better still, if there were a way to relieve so much stress by working this type of job.

You have taken the first step to solving that dilemma by visiting this site. Congratulations to you, for knowing work that uses your creative skills is key to reducing stress and finding happiness in your life!

What I have here is the resource for finding the work you have been longing for, it will help you:

  • Reduce work related stress, by creating scrapbooks for others, so that you can bring joy back into your life
  • Work for those who appreciate your skills, so that you feel fulfilled every day
  • Set hours when you want to work, so that you have time for those close to you
  • no longer feel guilty about spending money on something that you love

Turn scrap-booking into a meaningful income >>

This wonderful resource is found in the ebook, How To Make Money Scrapbooking. It gives you the action plan for turning your dream of scrapbooking for a living into your reality.

Your next step, to less stress and more fulfilling work, is to get your copy and get scrapping for money right away!

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