Learn to Control Your Teen’s Texting

Teen social networks are more developed than ever. Not only do they have to worry about daily interaction in school, but they have to worry about many social media networks. One of these major networks that teenagers have to consider is texting. Not only is texting taking over the spot that voice mails used to, but there are now a variety of ways to text. Some texts are “one time” and disappear after viewing. Others texts save onto social media accounts forever. These methods often mean a lot of difficult navigating for your teen.

This constant attachment to texting each other as teenagers helps them feel connected to each other in their daily problems. Oftentimes these teenagers use texts to gain instant feedback on their lives.

Does a new haircut look sexy?

Was tonight’s homework harder than usual?

Is meatloaf that disgusting?


The problem with this constant texting is that teens don’t look up from their phone. When a teenager doesn’t lookup from their phone, they become disconnected with the real world around them.

Beyond a teenager disconnecting with their daily lives, there is also the risk of massive cell phone bills. Many cell phone bills do not have unlimited texting. That means that a teenager can mass up a large debt without even knowing it. Phone companies have gotten enough complaints about this that many of them now issue warnings when cap limits are about to be reached.

Beyond fiscal debt, large amounts of texting can lead to physical harm. Many teenagers can get arthritis and carpal tunnel ailments because of the amount that they are texting on their phones. Not only are these conditions painful, but they can lead to lower quality of life and higher medical bills.

The good news is that there is now help for the Text Addict.  A great new resource has been created which will give you:

  • New abilities to interact in a great new way with your teenagers. Some of these interactions include building dinner conversations and other real-world conversations. Other interactions include how to get a teenager to turn off their phone, or admit their excessive use.
  • A program that has great attention to detail, so answers to your specific problems are likely covered completely.
  • 90 days where you can send messages to the creator of the system and get specific answers on your teen’s individual situation.

This customized support comes included in the Teen Text Addict program.

With all these guarantees, what is the harm in learning how to help your teen stop texting? Get them to look away from the phone again, but Try this program out and get them to look away from their phone for more than 5 minutes again >>

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